Founded in 1988

For over 24 years, ET, Elbert Tsuchimoto, and his team has churned out hundreds of stunning designs for everything from logos to even tour buses. ET Graphic Design's main focus is logos, branding, and packaging — all with a very unique, tropical, bright, elegant flare to them.

When Work is Fun, Things Always Come out Better” —ET

The minute he opened up ET Graphic Design, he stood strong on a very simple principle, "When work is fun, things always come out better." Needless to say, for over 24 years, he's been having tons of fun and his designs reflect this.

Shelf Popping Packages Designs with Cost Efficient Production

Not only does his valuable experience help his customers produce packages in very cost efficient manner, his natural knack for graphic design allow for his designs to pop. Whether, it's sitting on a shelf in the grocery store or on a store front sign, his gift for graphic design helps you reach your customers. His designs have drawn accolades and awards from Print Magazine, National Paperboard Packaging Council, and National Paperboard Association.

Inspired by Paradise

ET is never short on inspiration for his designs. His inspiration literally surrounds him and is truly everywhere he looks. Driving on the freeway while the sky explodes with the tropical combination of orange, purple, blue and red during the sunset. Surfing in the bright, yet deep blue ocean. Mountain biking in the lush, rich, green mountains. Inspiration is everywhere for ET because his inspiration is paradise. Born, raised, and happily living in Hawaii; ET has a endless supply of inspiration because he lives in it.

Your Success
is Our Success.” —ET

ET loves graphic design, but what he loves more is watching his clients succeed. Some of ET's major clients include Hawaiian Sun, Island Princess, Hamakua Macadamia Nut Co., Hawaiian King Candies, Hawaii Popcorn Co, MJA Vineyards in Napa Valley, Hiro Enterprises in Japan, May's Hawaii, and Orchard Heights Winery in Oregon.